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Top tips on how to get a holiday job

by mickey.geldenhuys

A part-time job in the holidays is a good way to earn money while studying. It can also be beneficial for your further studies and career. You can gain skills that you can use later in life and it adds value to your CV as it will show you are willing to work hard and gain experience.
If you are thinking of applying for a part-time job in the holidays, here are some top tips to help guide you:
Prepare your CV
Prepare a CV and ensure you have a photocopy of your ID. Your CV should reflect your skills, experiences and key personality traits that will allow you to do a good job. To see how to write a CV, click here.
Hunt for a job
Employees need extra hands over the holiday times, especially for those working in catering and retail. Large retailers offer part-time jobs to meet the higher demands of festive shopping, restaurants require extra kitchen staff, waiters and waitress and supermarkets seek extra packers and tellers.
For many, a part-time job in the holidays may be their first employment. Remember, just because this might be your first job, do not think you don’t have relevant skills to offer an employer. Think about your interests and the activities you do outside of school hours and try match them to job opportunities. For example, if you like sport, try applying for a job at a sport store.
Be committed
Determine how much time you can dedicate to the job and decide what hourly rate would be acceptable and feasible for you. You will have to consider the maximum distance you can travel and how much it would cost to get to work, then calculate if what you will earn will cover your costs. Remember, that seasonal or holiday work can be demanding and you do not want to leave your employer in the lurch and disappoint them. It is good to show your commitment to the job.
Prepare for the interview
In an interview there are some common questions that are almost always asked. Think about possible answers before the interview so you are ready to answer them. Possible questions could be, “why do you want to work for this company”, “why have you applied for this job”, or “what skills do you have that can add value to this role”?
It is normal to be nervous for an interview as it is daunting but try staying calm so you can think clearly. Remember to portray positive body language. When you arrive greet the interviewer with a firm hand shake and a friendly smile. During the interview, keep eye contact to convey trust and confidence, and try not to fidget, keep your hands folded in front of you as this will convey openness and sincerity.
Remember; switch off your phone before you go to your interview!
Make a good first impression
First impressions are important when you go for an interview so arrive 10 minutes early and dress neatly. If you arrive late this will create an impression that your potential employer cannot rely on you. Dressing smartly will also boost your self confidence because if you look good, you will feel good.
Good luck for securing your holiday job!

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