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How X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books help you to improve your exam results

by mickey.geldenhuys

Writing exams can be stressful, but if you approach them in a calm, organised way, you will succeed. Doing past papers is a helpful study method.
Filled with exam papers, complete memos including worked examples and mark allocations, X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books have been written by expert teachers and examiners to help you prepare for exams.
Here are 5 ways how X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books help you to practise for and improve your exam results.
1. Practice writing exams
X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books allow you to work through exam papers as if it was a real exam. You can practise answering exam questions, in an exam format.
2. Get familiar with the types of questions
By doing exam papers you will become familiar with how questions are asked and understand what the examiner is asking. This will help you to answer each question as required.
3. Practise managing your time
When practising writing exams, sit in a quiet place without distractions and set an alarm for the allocated time given to complete the paper. Doing an exam paper in the same time limit as the real exam will help you to get a feel of how you should spend your time on each question (based on the mark allocation).
It will also help you to practise reading through the whole exam paper first and ensuring you understand the instructions and planning your answers quickly for questions that require a longer answer, like literature essays.
4. Get familiar with the types of answers
When you have finished answering the paper, you can turn to the memo at the back of the X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Book and mark your answers using the memo. The tick marks in the memo show you exactly where marks are awarded. This will help you to understand what the examiner is looking for in an answer and what marks are awarded for.
5. Assess your performance
After you have marked your paper, assess your performance. Did you do better in some sections than in others? Can you see from the memo why you lost marks? Does the answer in the memo make sense to you? Did you interpret the mark allocation for each question correctly? Did you misinterpret the question words?
Reflect on your performance, get help in the areas in which you are struggling and practise some more.
Good luck with your exams!

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